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Lesley Sabey
Lesley Sabey
12:59 26 Jul 17
Gregory from Fizz Designs set up our website for Bearsden Dog Training Club and gave us an individual tutorial on how to use and update it. Any issues and he has been easy to contact and very quickly helps us which is brilliant as we are all a bit of novices with this kind of thing. Cant recommend him enough
Adam Dalrymple
Adam Dalrymple
13:18 22 Jun 17
Excellent professional work and service. Fizz Designs search engine (SEO) work is outstanding and is able to take sites to the top of google searches which in turn generates lots of leads. Simply fantastic!
Tod Mitchell
Tod Mitchell
12:37 09 Jan 17
I was delighted with the service which we received from Fizz Designs. We are a very busy firm of lawyers and time is very precious to us. We therefore needed a web designer who was on top of their game and whom we could trust to take control of our project and just run with it. We needed someone to design a slick and modern website which would advertise our services in the best way possible. We instructed Gregory to construct our website on the strength of amazing personal recommendations which we had received about him and also the glowing reviews which we had read online. We were not disappointed. He is very friendly , helpful and down to earth and his passion and enthusiasm for what he does is infectious. We were very impressed with his professionalism and creativity from start to finish and we now have a fabulous new website which we couldn't be more happy with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gregory and his colleagues to future clients and colleagues.
Christopher McKenna
Christopher McKenna
20:05 13 Dec 16
Fizz Designs were fantastic to deal with. Gregory is a true professional. I was extremely impressed with the website he designed for our firm and I am really looking forward to continuing to work with him in developing our business.
Mark Chambers
Mark Chambers
09:32 17 Dec 16
I was introduced to Fizz Designs after a chance meeting with one of their customers . I had foolishly filled my diesel car with petrol ( senior moment ) and a desperate search online led to one of Fizz Designs web sites. It really jumped out the page at me and thus I came to chat to one of Gregory's customers as he fixed my car. I had been intending to organise a web site for the firm for years but was either too busy or just didn't know where to start. As soon as we met Gregory at FizzDesigns it was clear to me that he was the man for us . His enthusiasm , passion and drive is infectious and almost overwhelming. Once he agreed to take on the project he organised everything for us at what was , in all honestly , a fraction of the cost I expected . Now it's a joy to watch our site climb the google ladder to the front page . Without getting carried away with superlatives all I can say is that I am very grateful to Gregory for all his hard work and patience . Give Gregory and Fizz Designs a call and I'm sure you will realise that all I have said is true .
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Mobile Car Valeting Glasgow – SEO Audit

Mobile Car Valeting Glasgow

Mobile Car Valeting Glasgow – SEO Audit

Mobile Car Wash & Car Valeters Glasgow

Meeting with the Business Owner


I was approached by James from Car Valeting Glasgow to do some SEO work for his mobile car valeting business based in Glasgow. He told me he’s had a few websites over the 10 year period that he’s been in business but none of them had produced many business leads or new clients from organic search marketing. He asked me to look at his current website to see if I would be able to do SEO work on his site to enhance is reach and create more leads.

After researching the business I could see that the products and services he offered we’re fantastic. Furthermore the feedback and client reviews we’re all 5 stars. The business wasn’t the problem, could it be the website?

Website SEO Audit?


I got access to his website. It was built using WordPress. I was glad it was WordPress because I have 9 years experience working on this platform. Due to the site being built by another website design company in Glasgow I didn’t know how much time and effort they had put into the layout and structure of the site and if they had implemented any SEO strategies? From the outside the website looked pretty nice. The previous web designers had certainly spent good time making it look nice. However making a website look good and making it perform good in the search engines are two totally different things!

I got to work doing my seo audit using software and manual techniques. You’ll get a basic breakdown on my findings in the analysis section below.

Website Analysis & Alterations


After doing my web design and seo audit my analysis was as follows.

I removed plugins that we’re no longer required and added my own. I also wanted to install my own leads generation software that I will use when creating the pages. This will connect with the call to actions to help enhance the conversion rates when people hit the pages. Then it’s up to James to turn the lead into a new client.

The website lacked impact and brand identity. A new logo was designed but we kept the colour theme. This logo will now be applied across the vans, business cards flyers and any other advertising etc.

I also installed a new slider with new slides, new imagery and new titles and taglines. I felt that the sliding imagery needed to explain the main pointers about the business quickly and easily.

The website had too much stock photography. We changed this by taking more photos on the job and by doing a quick photoshoot on site at a job. We also added a new photo gallery that he could update from his mobile via their new Instagram profile that we created.

From doing a number of Google searches I could see ranking was poor. In fact the site was actually down on page four and page five of the results pages (serps) for their main search phrase mobile car valeting glasgow and mobile car valeters glasgow.

Once again I run the website through software I use and could see that the site structure, titles, H1 & H2’s, snippets we very poor.

Therefore I was confident that I would have no problems applying fresh new SEO to the website to improve upon it’s current site listings.

In addition to all of the above changes I applied a new website menu structure and layout. A bunch of new pages related to his products and services and the areas he works in across Glasgow.

It was also very important that we continued to receive client reviews. I worked on a new page for this making it easier for clients to review him online. And we freshened up his Facebook page and Google local profile.

SERPS: Rankings Improvement


It’s been just over a week now since the work was completed. In my opinion too soon to make in major jumps. However the website has already moved up the search results pages and now sites on Page 2 for mobile car valeting Glasgow and is already on Page 1 for a number of other phrases that we created within the new layout. They could yet take a slight dip but I think it’s clear to see that we got a good boost and we are going in the right direction.

In conclusion – this is a long distance race not a sprint. Let’s see where it is in 6 months time.

Final thoughts


Finally – I take my hat off to any business owner or professional who has the vision to put their business at the top of the search engines results pages. This vision will of course require investment, the investment will have a return (ROI). For some this happens quickly but for others can take longer. The key is to have patience. You must continue working hard on the day to day running of the business whilst also growing your social profiles. The more hits to the site – likes, shares and comments on social media as these also help influence your search engines rankings.

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Mobile Car Valeting Glasgow

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