If business owners don’t learn what SEO is, they’re missing out on a lot of revenue!

What the hell is SEO?

SEO is actually the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, spelt optimization in (USA) which in practice is the tweaks and alterations that can be applied to a website in order to make it more attractive to search engines.

Once the SEO work is applied the website will perform better in search due to it ranking higher when people search for search phrases that relate to the information on the website or individual pages.

Do business owners need to invest in SEO?

The answer to that is yes if they want their website to be listed in the search results pages organically.

The businesses that have invested in SEO with FIZZ over the years have always received a healthy return on investment (ROI). This very website has SEO all over the place. Helping it rise to the top of the search engines results pages and bring in organic traffic daily, to which some turns into new business.

What is organic search results?

Organic search results are when the digital marketing team or SEO works on the website to get it found in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others.

If the work is done to a high standard in time it will rise to the top above all the other competitors. However, the best websites or webpages are the ones that get SEO applied to them on a regular basis.

Having a constant flow of content and tweaks will allow the website to compete and even outrank the other websites who are competing for the same search phrases.

Watch these videos to learn how SEO can 10x your income…

Here are a couple of videos that explain SEO in a fun and easy way.

Watch and learn what SEO is and how to find the best SEO agency, company or SEO consultant to work with you and produce rankings on Google, Youtube, Bing and Yahoo that will increase your websites traffic flow!

Outrank your competitors and win more business, grow your business online with SEO.

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SEO, explained by NYC agency cartoon

What to look for in an SEO agency or SEO consultant

How to Rank #1 in Google in 2021

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Video Transcripts for on-page Video

Transcript for SEO in 2021, How To Rank #1 In Google by Ignite Visibility

How are you going to succeed in search
engine optimization in 2021
and beyond hi everybody i’m john linkin
with ignite visibility one of the top
seo companies in the nation and today
i’m going to tell you 14 things that you
need to do
so that you can be successful when it
comes to search engine optimization
going into 2021 and beyond and at the
end of this video
i’m going to give you a special bonus
new feature that’s
really going to help you out so make
sure to watch the entire thing
okay let’s go ahead and jump into it
before you get started make sure to
click the notification bell and make
sure to subscribe so that you can get
more videos like this
in the future okay so i’m going to go
over 14 different things i’m going to
pull up screenshots i’m going to show
you know what goes into these things and
also i’m going to keep it pretty short
and snappy
to make sure that this is a high impact
video okay that’s my promise to you
let’s go ahead and jump into number one
so first thing is
you need to create content around all
the things that your customers search
for who is your customer
what are all the different things that
they search for online create
content around that especially all of
their most
important pain points by doing that
you’re going to make sure that you show
up higher in the serps
and that you’re getting them to click on
your website and you can use that for a
lot of different things like capturing
email addresses remarketing lists and so
on and so forth
item number two you’re going to update
your top
content so your most important high
volume pages that drive the most
every single month make sure that that’s
totally up to date
you’re going to update your secondary
content on a quarterly basis so every
three months
and you’re going to update the rest of
your content on an annual basis you want
to make sure that every single page on
your website
is updated once a year at a minimum if
you do that
you’re going to continue to see
fantastic growth
on your website for the content that you
item number three you want to have
long-form content
but not just long-form content long-form
content that also has
optimized images and it has optimized
video is completely blowing up and on
your long form content for your top
you want those to be hubs of content you
want that content to list
all the frequently asked questions all
the greatest images all the best videos
on the topic
and you wanted to link out to other
areas silos of content within your
that explain more on the topic item
number three is going to be really
important especially for those top terms
item number four check your
click-through rate
if you go inside a google search console
there’s a really cool report
that’s going to show you the
click-through rate for the different
pages on your website
if a certain page has a really high
click-through rate that’s great
the page has a low click-through rate
try to figure out what you’re doing on
those other pages that are higher
so that you can improve your lower pages
pro tip
numbers really work quite well for
putting that into
your titles and so that’s something that
you can take a look at
item number five consider amp
accelerated mobile pages are something
that will make your website really
really fast
and that’s going to be very very
important to make sure that you have
fast page feed which is a ranking factor
so consider
using accelerated mobile pages that’s
going to make it so the mobile version
of your site
is really really fast item number six
you need to have a schema.org strategy
on every different type of website
there’s a different schema strategy that
you would have
for an e-commerce site you might be
marking up your product pages with
pricing reviews shipping for a local
website you might be marking up your
local pages with the exact location
for a general website you might be
marking up your logo with schema
for a news website you might be marking
up your website with speakable markup
that’s something that will actually
read the text on the page to somebody so
make sure you define your schema
strategy for your website
so that you incorporate all the most
important things
item number seven you need to be https
the website has to be secure
not only is it a ranking factor but
visitors are looking at it more and more
so make sure you take the time to do
item number eight you need to have a
linking strategy
for every different type of website you
should be picking
three to four different strategies that
are going to really help you with
linking whether that’s
unlinked mentions whether that’s going
after awards whether that’s promoting a
piece of content
whether that’s writing a column and
really writing a column shouldn’t be a
linking strategy writing a column
should be a strategy to get you exposure
on a great publication
but picking a great linking strategy and
then making sure
you’re allocating you know a good amount
of hours that are going to make you
competitive in your space
is really really important still a big
factor item number nine
you want to get social shares and you
want to continue growing your social
media communities
growing engagement that’s a very
important thing you can build an entire
business model off of social media at
this point but also
when you get these social shares your
website will get
indexed quickly and new blog posts and
new pages if they get a lot of shares a
lot of interaction they’re going to
shoot straight to the top of
the rankings pro tip if you’ve got a
page that’s fallen down that you shared
in the past if you go out there and
share it again
many times that will help it rank higher
quicker so go ahead and give that a shot
item number 10 increase brand searches
google has gone on record saying that
pages that get searched for
more and brands that get searched for
more often will rank higher in google
and that’s looked at
as an indicator of quality and can help
your search rankings so you should be
hey media running youtube ads facebook
ads doing creative campaigns
building the brand so you get more brand
searches because that’s going to allow
you to get higher click-through rates
from brand recognition in the serps
and it’s going to allow you to get more
direct traffic and all of that comes
around to lead to higher
rainfalls item number 11 vert
and eat are two very very big things so
bert is a new framework that’s going to
be rolling out to
all of the different web pages out there
that google is indexing and this is so
so important
it looks at certain types of metrics and
it also looks at the intent of the user
the intent has never been more important
make sure that you check out the actual
intent of a user
before you even make a web page if you
don’t do that you could totally be
wasting your time
also eat expertise authority and
is critical because when you have that
correct it’s going to allow you to rank
in some of these competitive niches
things like having
an author bio on the page things like
your facts and your figures bringing
credibility to the website in general if
you’d like a checklist for both of these
i will go ahead and bring it up on the
screen and you can also find it in the
comments below
if you’d like to learn more about vert
or e item number 12
go nuts on video there’s a lot of videos
that are being served now inside of
inside of the google home hub and also
now inside of bing
video is the fastest growing type of
multimedia people want to consume it
i’m on video now you can feel my energy
you can learn a lot very quickly
about me and about this topic without
having to read something so i
highly encourage you to create videos
around all of your top terms
all of your top pages and do the best
you can to scale that initiative
item number 13 international seo
certain markets are more competitive
than others the us
the uk for example competitive markets
for seo
other areas are not so competitive such
as potentially mexico
spain canada so know your market and
know your ability to expand outside of
your market because it could be
easier to get ranked in a different
language or a different country version
of google
than it is in your own now that of
course you need to be able to do
business in those areas so make sure you
keep that in mind
if you’d like to learn more about that
you can learn more in the comments i’m
going to leave a link to
a couple guides that i’ve written on
international seo and multilingual
seo item number 14 one of the most
important things before i get to our
final bonus item
core web vitals google is looking at
page speed they’re looking at
how things load how quickly they’re
looking at do things move around on the
page and they have a new report
called the core web vitals report
they’re going to be doing a very big
update on this in the future so it’s
really really important
that you make sure you have no usability
errors in the core web vitals report
that’s going to give you a huge
competitive advantage over other people
in the serps finally my bonus item for
stories stories are coming to instagram
stories are coming to linkedin now
stories are coming to facebook
they’re also in google so google stories
for mobile
are a big thing and you don’t need to
have accelerated mobile pages anymore to
make them show up
so think about the story strategy that
you’re going to be creating and also at
the same
time stories are also coming now to
google discover which is another great
way to get traffic
obviously there’s a lot of different
things that you can do in seo i didn’t
super deep into any of these things and
there are other things outside of these
areas i didn’t
talk about but if you go through these
14 things
you’re gonna have a lot of success with
seo in 2021 i hope you like this video
go ahead and like comment subscribe
leave me a like i would appreciate it
leave a comment i love chatting with you
online i’ll see you next time

Transcript for Best NYC SEO | Best New York SEO & Digital Marketing – Get Results by Infy One

Did you know that 94% of all consumers
and businesses search the internet
before buying a new product or service
they enter keywords to Google and get a
list of websites in return then they
visit websites that are at the top of
the list because they appear to be more
relevant to their search studies show
that if your website is not at the top
of these lists you’ll never reach those
prospects now you wonder why your
competitions rank is better than yours
it’s because of a marketing technique
called SEO SEO means that search engine
optimization it helps your website rank
higher than the tens of thousands of
sites that are trying to reach your
customers search engines like Google
collect information about every page on
the web helping folks find exactly what
they’re looking for when your page ranks
higher people find you to get higher
rankings your website must have all the
ingredients that search engines look for
SEO is about placing the right text
contents links page titles and other
relevant information into the code on
your website in a strategic method that
helps Google learn what your website is
all about that way when someone searches
for anything related to your business
your website will pop up at the top of
their search results want more business
your website has to be on page one of
all the major search engines for the
specific words and phrases that your
customers are looking for without SEO
your website won’t make it to page one
and you’ll never be found by those
customers no matter how great your site
looks in today’s competitive world you
need solid SEO marketing to get your
site to the top of search results we’re
experts in SEO we help businesses become
more visible on the internet and reach
thousands of new customers every day
contact us for your free SEO report and
find out how your website can perform
better in search rankings

Transcript for The 101 on SEO: What Search Engine Marketing Specialist jobs entail and how you can find one by Artisan Talent

I am here with heather from Artisan Talent and we are going to talk about SEO specialist.
Firstly I don’t need any technical info but tell me what is a SEO specialist roughly?
What they do?
So the acronym stands for “search engine optimization” okay.
So say you are out on Google or Bing the words that you are typing in that gets you to somebody’s
So making sure that if the site is being built or something like that.
Those words or those videos are being looked out first and they are coming at the top
of those searches.
Okay cool so if I say that SEO is about getting found on Google, getting found on yahoo, getting
found on Bing, am I roughly right?
You want to be the first one on that list.
So how you optimize your content is very important.
Okay, cool so an SEO specialist is a person who gets you found on Google.
Tell me a little bit about SEO jobs?
What kind of SEO jobs freelance or full-time kind of come across your desk?
We see lot in the freelance long-term freelance, sometimes full time too.
SEO specialist, you know sometimes it’s coupled with writing to may be somebody that’s an
SEO specialist and html sort of content creator.
It’s a lot of different sort of ways to put a publishing and publishing a little bit may
be a content publisher.
There are different words, digital content creator.
Okay is there a lot of that work around?
Is it a kind of hot thing right now? It is, everybody wants to be the top when
it comes to search.
So if can find somebody that really understands the terms and search to use and the content
to create to make sure their company is being looked out first compared to the competitors,
hands down.
Those people are needed.
Alright cool thank you that makes sense to me as a sort of an SEO job description if
you will.
So let’s keep talking about search engine marketing as a career as a say long term freelance
what kind of numbers are we looking at here?
What kind of money can you earn?
Wow so you know someone it depends on exactly the job because sometimes it may be more copy
heavy or may be sometimes more social media heavy and understanding those two things can
kind of vary.
I would say anywhere in that like 30-50 an hour is reasonable.
Certain clients want to higher level and may be a few more things they want somebody that
can code as well or understand paper click or have some experience in that area so might
bump up a little bit more of that 40-70.
So just kind of depends on the client.
And what kind of if you will portfolio would you need to get a search engine marketing
You know any sort of samples from you know past jobs or something would be showcasing
may be a company or client you worked for, may be that content and may be those results.
So anything quantitative would be great.
It’s like you grow that side of it from 40% to 80% or you got a click through at a certain
amount showing numbers is very very important so if you get show how something was originally
before you got it and result once you worked with it that’s what they going to want to
They want to see the results.
So any sort of numbers is great.
If you have visuals that’s great.
If you are a writer on top of that being able to showcase that writing inside that’s important
Okay cool and if you were just out there in the wild, how would you find the SEO job.
Where would you even look?
Have you gotten the ideas for me here?
You should definitely touch base with Artisan Talent.
We do have a website artisantalent.com so you can definitely look there because we do
get these roles in various locations in New York and Chicago, DC and even Los Angles,
San Francisco to name kind of few.
So you actually list the jobs when jobs come in, you list them on artisantalent.com.
We do and you can click on them or you can reach out directly through our website and
note that you saw this.
You can go through LinkedIn you can go through we do post on indeed.
You can directly connect to us in those ways or say you were in an event and you are a
SEO specialist.
You know okay this is my background.
You guys get this, let’s exchange information.
Okay cool thank you so much for your help.
Hey thanks very much for watching this video.
If you like to reach out to Artisan Talent please feel free to go through our website artisantalent.com
you can email us, you can phone call; you can go through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
We are kind of everywhere.
Send a smoke signal we will respond.
We just like to chat we have lots of work for lots of amazing talent just like you.
Please feel free to reach out and get in touch with great fun to work with and we are going
to make you a talent and career dreams come true!

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